How It Works

Find out what your home is really worth

We developed Test sell Your Home™ as a way for homeowners to test the market to find out what their home is really worth and to see if it’s worth their time to sell the house.

We work around your schedule, what is easiest for the homeowner. We will test the market to maximize your ultimate sales price should you opt to sell your home. We will not have a lock box on your house or have open houses. or broker opens unless you want them.

We’ll gather offers for you often times without buyers even seeing the home. We have found that a lot of homebuyers who have been looking for some time know what they want when they see it online. This benefits you as a seller as we will then gather all of the information to truly test the market. We will present you all of the offers and then it is up to you to decide if you want to sell or not.

The Test Sell Your Home™ Program offers less pressure, no gimmicks and no commitment. There really is really no better way to find out the true value of your home than having a legitimate offer from a real buyers and that is what Test Sell Your Home™ does.