The Real Value of your home

What if I told you that there is a new and improved way to know the REAL VALUE of your home?  And put more money in your pocket! A way for you to find out exactly how much your home would sell for without actually selling it?  That’s right!   What if you actually received real offers from qualified Buyers that outlined everything you needed to know?  What if you actually received a net sheet with real proceeds?  Wouldn’t that take all the “guess” work away and truly solve the mystery… “Is now a good time to sell my house” and “What is my home worth”?  And what if after being presented with actual offers you were in complete control of deciding whether or not it actually even made sense, for you?


Think about this.  When you decide to sell your home you are either all the way in or all the way out – right?  So after all this time, how come nobody has found the middle ground between selling and thinking about it?  Well I am Vianey Ojeda, Realtor and creator of Test Sell Your Home™  and I have found that middle ground.

Let’s lay out how my Test Sell Your Home™  program works.  And how it’s going to put more money in your pocket!

First we market your property in 102 ways that will get your home in front of tens of thousands of people in our surrounding areas as well as Internationally.

Second we send your property to our database of Qualified Buyers.  There is a great chance someone is looking for your home right now!

For 28 days we will market your home and collect not only a list of potential Buyers but actual offers without Buyers even having seen your home.

Remember, all you are doing is nothing.

  • Make More Money
  • No Obligations
  • No Gimmicks
  • No Fee’s
  • No Showings
  • No Staging
  • No Daily Cleanings
  • No Lockbox
  • No Signs
  • No Neighbors Knowing
  • NOTHING !!!

After 28 days we will share with you the feedback, interest and offers we collected.  This is the point where you will move forward or cancel.   It is that simple.

By moving forward we will schedule a broker tour allowing only qualified Buyers to tour your home.  Because your home has a small window for viewings this generally creates a bidding war scenario.  BIDDING WAR = MORE MONEY.   The Test Sell Your Home™  is so revolutionary this will put more money in your pocket.

So stop wondering what the value of your home is, take the guess work out and gain control over your homes value,  call me today.

But  don’t be fooled by copy cats.  I am the creator of Test Sell Your Home™  – the new and better way to know the REAL VALUE of your home.

Contact Vianey Ojeda to find out more:

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