Why It Is A Good Time To Buy

Why It Is A Good Time To Buy

You always hear from friends, family,  the news, or the internet it’s a good time to buy a house or these same people or sources have told you now is not a good time to buy.  And honestly for all buyers whether you are the first time homebuyer, the move up buyer or down size buyer it just confuses them to no end.   Unfortunately, most people and the information sources who dole out this advice look at the housing market like a stock investment, especially here in California (because it’s so boom or bust), and they dispense their opinions on whether you should or shouldn’t buy a home with that premise.  I on the other hand, look at the housing market completely differently, and I truly believe you have to.  A good reason is with homes you can write off interest and property taxes.  You really can’t do that with your stocks, bonds and mutual funds.  That being said let’s continue.

For the most part it’s people who buy homes.  I know in the last year or so we have all heard how it’s hedge funds, private equity groups and REITs who are buying up all our houses across the country.  Trust me I know who these groups are because my team at Keller Williams – Rancho Cucamonga, The Hanover Group has worked with several of them across the country, and let me tell you they on average own less than 10% of the housing stock in any given market.  That being said, It’s families with children, single professionals, newlyweds, seniors and many more who buy the vast majority of homes in our great nation.

So let me ask you this… Think of one of your siblings or your best friend and ask yourself, is their life personally and/or professionally ever the same as yours?  Are your lives exactly the same on an ongoing basis?  No.  The answer is absolutely, “No”.

Here’s a perfect example of what I’m getting at.  Back when the economy was booming from 2003 to 2006 (and trust me I sold a lot of homes back then) I had two friends, a married couple who were struggling financially  (unlike most other couples during that time).  However, when the market crashed their personal income actually grew tremendously and became very steady.  So unlike most people from 2000 to 2007 they never purchased a home, they rented.  Along comes 2009 when most people were short selling or losing their homes to foreclosure my friends were actually able to buy their dream home.  Keep in mind back in 2009 there were A LOT of people and information sources who said it was not the right time to buy a home.  The key was that my friends did not listen to the buzz.  They trusted in me as a real estate professional to discuss with them their goals of homeownership and to analyze their financial situation.

And for them it worked out to be the best case scenario, because from 2000 to 2007 they were a married couple with no children and both decided to go back to graduate school during that time period.  Now flash forward to 2009.  My friends have a gorgeous two year old girl and now have housing concerns that would of never been a consideration before, such as, school districts, neighborhood make up, distance from major streets, and many more criteria.  So the point is that it is always a good time to buy, when it’s right for you.  Whether you are a family with children, a single person, a divorcee, or senior; when you are going to call a place home and it can always be the right time to buy.

So don’t listen to all the “Buzz” that’s out there.  It will only confuse you and drive you crazy (kind of like those flies when you’re on a picnic).  Trust in professionals like myself, who care  about you, your family, your needs and personal goals to help you make the decision, “It is the right time for ME to buy”.   Worst case scenario, I will keep you from making a huge mistake and together we will wait until the time is right, for you.

Stay tuned for my upcoming article, “When Is It A Good Time to Invest In Real Estate“.

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