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You just bought your home, now what?

You just bought your home, now what?

When you buy a car you get an owner’s manual but when you buy a house, you don’t. Make your own home upkeep manual. Consider the age of your new home. If you are buying a brand new home you are probably not going to have the same issues that a home built in the sixties might.

What I recommend is to spend a few hours on a weekend and take inventory of the basic components. Things such as your stove, range and oven, washer, dish washer, air conditioner and so on. Then make an inventory of list, ideally an electronic inventory list such as excel may come in handy so you can easily update it as you need. Keep track of service dates and make sure to add service person’s name and phone number so you can easily contact them should anything go wrong. A good rule of thumb is to keep a 1% annual budget for service repairs and upkeep.

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